Monika’s practice is not about numbers—

it’s about you.

Monika Roth is a different kind of criminal defense attorney. Monika is fearless and confident in the courtroom, accustomed to hard work, and unafraid of what may seem to be insurmountable odds. She will be a pillar of strength in your time of need. She will stand beside you as your support and your ally, ready to fight for you when you cannot. At the same time, she will be patient, understanding, and responsive with you and your needs.

Monika is licensed to practice law in 3 states, having sharpened her skills over her career of criminal defense work. She knows the law, the system, and how to maneuver within it for the best results.

Monika has handled countless cases, but her practice is not about numbers—it’s about you. You are more than the label—“defendant.” Monika will make sure that your judge, prosecutor, and the police will see you as more than just a “defendant.”

She has earned remarkable results in criminal trials, with not guilty jury verdicts on the most serious cases with possible lifetime consequences. She treats all cases with diligence and care, regardless of the severity of possible sentences, because she knows all cases are important to her clients.

When Monika has some time to spend away from practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her Great Danes, Luke and Rudy, and also enjoys creating wheel-thrown pottery. Monika also loves to ride her road bicycle on the beautiful trails and roads of Ohio and Kentucky.

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